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5 Reasons to Love Low Volume Precision CNC Machine Shops

Posted by Scott Baxter on Jun 24, 2015 8:39:56 AM

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When you think of Precision CNC machine shops, you probably think of a large operation focusing on high volume delivery; indeed, this is what many shops have switched to in order to maximize profits. There’s nothing wrong with high volume CNC machine shops-in fact they fill a very important niche in the market-but sometimes it is better to go with a low volume contract manufacturer. Here at Peko we love low volume machine shops, and here are a few reasons you should love them too:


Skilled employees


High volume shops operate much differently than their lower volume counterparts.   Not to say they can’t create quality products, but the sheer volume of units per order creates a completely different structure for both manufacturing operations and personnel.  With a low volume machine shop, the focus is on quick setups.   It takes a highly skilled team of workers to be able to set up quickly and effectively.  These are tricks of the trade that are disappearing from many manufacturing industries these days.

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Quick turn around


Because of their skilled employees, low volume machine shops have low setup times. Employees with more experience also understand the ERP system, meaning that they understand your business and can integrate their work into your plan quickly and efficiently. A higher quality of work also means that products pass inspection quicker, allowing you to receive your order in a timely manner.  Low volumes and short runs means parts get off the machine quicker and the next part can get started. 


Your business is important


High volume CNC shops generally have one large customer and a few smaller ones. Since the large customer is responsible for the bulk of their business, high volume machine shops cater to the needs of that customer above all others. That means that if the “more important” customer puts in an order, your order gets put on the back burner. Worse, if your order is already in progress, they may rush it through completion and inspection and give you an inferior product.


Low volume shops have many small customers, which means that everyone is treated equally and your business matters. Consequently, low volume CNC shops complete small orders with improved accuracy, because they don't have to rush through your order.


Reduced overhead


Precision machine shops need to output high quality products, so an in-house machine shop needs not only skilled workers, but skilled management staff as well. Since “you get what you pay for,” hiring a high quality management staff means paying high salaries. When coupled with the cost of skilled workers, an in house operation can get very costly, very quickly. More employees also means more work for your human resources department, preventing them from concentrating on other areas of your company.


In order to keep up with emerging technologies, machine shops need to frequently update their equipment. This is true of both in-house and independent shops. Furthermore, in order to meet all your needs, a machine shop needs a wide variety of equipment. Since the cost of purchasing and upgrading equipment is high, an in-house machine shop can become a drain on your company’s resources.




Most precision machine shops are ISO 9001 certified, but if you operate in the defense, medical, or semiconductor sector, you probably want more proof that your high-tech product is manufactured with care and quality. Since most low volume  precision shops want to enter a niche category, they often have to get certifications such as the Medical ISO 13485 or Aerospace AS9100. This is a measure of their commitment to meeting your needs and lets you to rest easy knowing that your order will be completed with the highest possible quality.


For more reasons to love a low volume Precision CNC Machine Shop give us a call.  Here at PEKO we have been doing low volume CNC machining, sheet metal, assembly and welding for decades.  Email me direct at or contact us by clicking below.


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