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Alteryx Inspire Conference 2019

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Jun 28, 2019 7:40:16 AM

In 2019, PEKO is taking an initiative to automate our data collection and analysis for our corporate metrics, process measures, and our ability to model our data for future business.  As part of this effort we have been delving into BI (Business Intelligence) software and a special piece of powerful software that allows us to map to all of our disparate data sources and combine, modify and model directly.  With a campus as large as ours, BI software will allow us to manage all of the equipment, machinery and processes that make up our organization. 

Large group attending the Alteryx Inspire Conference 2019 with screens and a stage in the distance

Recently. two members of our PEKO team attended the Alteryx Inspire Conference for seminars and engineering sessions to augment our knowledge of the software and the possibilities it offers to maintain our world class status.  The event was attended by 4500 data analytics specialists and the event itself lived up to its name–it was Inspiring!

Man speaking on stage with podium during breakout session of the Alteryx Inspire Conference 2019

Topics: Technology, Business Intelligence