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Machining Aluminum: Some Quick Tips from a Contract Manfucturer

Posted by Scott Baxter on Mar 25, 2015 2:05:00 PM

CNC Machining of Aluminum and some Quick Tip:

How_Assembly_ProductShowcase1Many industries use aluminum as a lightweight and strong material for things like medical imaging, defense products, frames, and instrumentation components.   Given the popularity, its no surprise that so many machine shops are extremely proficient at machining this material.  With machinability over 350%, most CNC Machine shops have the capability to work with aluminum.  But just because a machine shop can handle it, doesn't mean your parts will be delivered exactly the same by any supplier.  Here at PEKO we integrate aluminum parts into many of the products we build.  We have dozens of machines that can easily and quickly machine these materials to tolerances in the tenths.  Below I'm going to list some simple tips to keep in mind when machining Aluminum. Of course, there are many different alloys, temper and hardening conditions.  One must keep this in mind when beginning a new aluminum machining operation.

Aluminum Machining Quick Tips:

  • Try to use a soluble cutting fluid for optimum cutting
  • Tooling for aluminum must have larger relief and rake angles than tools for steels
  • Use cemented carbide tools for high silicon alloys because of its high abrasion resistance
  • When a fine finish is required, be sure to hone the cutting tool to a keen edge
  • Diamond cutting tools can yield an excellent surface finish
  • Mill with a two or three flute end mill
  • ZrN coated tools will help mitigate material buildup during machining of aluminum
Those are just a few quick tips to keep in mind when machining aluminum.  We've been machining this material for decades and have a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to CNC Milling, Turning and Welding of Aluminum.  To learn more how we can process aluminum for your products, contact me direct at or enter info below.

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