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New CMM Announcement: DEA Hexagon–Global–Advantage–15.20.14

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Nov 16, 2018 2:56:26 PM

New Inspection CapabilitiesDEA advantage CMM machine front view with worker station

PEKO's newest machinery announcement is an exciting new addition for our inspection department.  After overcoming a few obstacles with its delivery, the new DEA CMM now sits inside the center bay of our Engineering and Development Center.  The machine's height is over 14 feet, with an impressive measuring range over its 3 axes: 

  • X-Axis: 59.06"
  • Y-Axis: 78.74"
  • Z-Axis: 55.12"

The machine comes equipped with a Renishaw PH10MQ Probe along with CLIMA Temperature Compensation.  These are beneficial accessories when installed into its new home, a climate controlled room around this new addition. 

Quality Assurance

One of the key aspects that we take pride in here at PEKO is our Quality Assurance.  As we manufacture View behind the DEA advantage machinevarious parts for our major mechanical assemblies, each machined part is carefully, and thoroughly, inspected before it can move on to the next stage of its development.  Since we've recently added large CNC machines to our operations in an effort to expand our ability in machining larger parts for our assemblies–more blog posts coming soon–PEKO has added larger inspection capabilities to compensate.  This will allow us to continue to execute the same pristine level of quality control that our Original Equipment Manufacturers have been used to for years. 

Looking Towards the Future

As we look to further expand our Contract Manufacturing capabilities in the next few years, having new assets like this new machine will continue to set us apart as a Turnkey Production Partner of choice for premier OEMs.

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