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New CNC Machinery Announcement: Haas VF-6/40

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Nov 8, 2018 1:29:55 PM

In with the NEw  HAAS_VF6.40 post delivery before the completed assembly

PEKO's brand new machine is a HAAS VF-6/40.  Delivered last week, this machine is now completely set-up and running, located inside  our CNC shop.  The HAAS VF-6/40 is a 3-axis machine capable of machining parts up to 4000 lbs.  This HAAS has a small footprint compared to some of the machines throughout our facilities, however it's the perfect size for milling parts we need for manufacturing our OEM customers' Major Mechanical Assemblies.  This 40-taper machine uses a 8100-rpm spindle and has a tool capacity of 24+1.  And of course, a huge work envelope of 64" x 32" x 30".

Out with the Old

Removal of Mori Seiki SH50 on huge flatbed When the HAAS was delivered Wednesday, October 31, our Senior Operations team was busy also managing the removal of an older machine, a Mori Seiki SH50, to make room for our new delivery.  This involved strategic planning which had taken place a month in advanced to ensure the parts we need for our production team continue to meet their strict deadlines, while also ensuring that we have best utilized the floor space throughout our Six Facilities.  We did not get rid of our SH50 to clear way for the HAAS's delivery, instead we moved it over to our Lee Rd facility so we can continue to utilize its cutting capabilities. 

Reinvesting in the BusinessHAAS-VF6.40 in its new location inside the factory

As we anticipate on-boarding new clients to take advantage of our Full-Service Contract Manufacturing services, PEKO's operation managers are tasked with allocating the correct amount of resources needed at each level within our Vertical Integration process.  That means that we are constantly reinvesting in our business to make sure that we have the proper machinery and equipment to fully execute our complete manufacturing services to the end-user.  


We are currently growing our business, and we are looking forward to meeting with new customers that want to take advantage of the full-service contract manufacturing services PEKO has to offer. For more information on how we can help you with your next project, request a quote to speak with an engineer today!

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