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Product Review: Metalico

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Jun 18, 2019 2:21:38 PM

Product Type: Metals Recycling Company 

Manufacturer: Metalico Rochesterlogo_-_metalico_rochester

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Performance Rating: 4.5/5
Quality Rating: 5/5
User Friendly Rating: 4.5/5
Price Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating:  4.75/5 stars


As a Full-Service Contract Manufacturer, with a full-functioning CNC machining division, we produce over 600 tons of metal waste each year.  Apart from just the metal chips that pile up after having been ripped from raw material, PEKO also disposes of old machinery and equipment and equipment from time to time. 

How DId Peko Come About USing This PRoduct?

Prior to using Metalico, PEKO had been using a local metal recycling company in Rochester for years.  However, a few years ago, Metalico bought out the small, metal recycling company.  Historically, PEKO has been a huge proponent to using local businesses, but when Metalico purchased the small company  we had been using, we decided to stay with them since they offered the best pricing for our metal recycling.  Since the Metalico Rochester location is close to our location, it has been easy to adjust pickup times when need be.

Another reason PEKO has stayed with Metalico for all these years is because they have been instrumental in assisting us with our environmentally sustainable efforts.  The company provides us with diversion reports which allow us to track where our waste stream is going while managing our metal waste output. 

What are some benefits we have seen?

  • Best Pricing Around (ROI)
  • Outstanding service–Metalico is very responsive to any issues or concerns and they can adjust their pick up times and bin sizes quickly. 
  • They take everything!  From chips that come off of CNC machined metal parts to scrapping  actual CNC machines, rest assured that any metal recycling will be taken care of through Metalico.

What are some shortfalls of the service?

  • None

Metalico Rochester

Price Vs Value

The percentage that we receive back from the scrap metal has provided us with the best return on investment compared to area competitors.  Not only are we receiving the most amount back for our scraps, but we also hear back from the company within the same day as an issue or concern arises.  Metalico provides the best dollar for scrap metal while maintaining a superior service to their customers. The company has been extremely flexible to meet our ever changing needs at PEKO and we couldn't be happier with them. 

How Well Does it Work and How is the Usability?

Metalico has been great to work with over the years.  They have proven to be very responsive to their customer's needs and very willing to work out any issues.  The options for pickups work to serve the diverse needs of each of their customers.  Metalico can set-up standing days, or on-call pickups–whatever works best with a company's output.  They are also willing to provide extra bins, drums, tucks, pickups, etc. when need be. 

What Were Some Alternatives we Could Have Pursued?

Some of the competition our company engaged with didn't offer us the competitive ROI that Metalico had.  Also, other competitors were not as responsive–if they weren't responsive during quoting process, we assumed it was safe to say that they might not be any more responsive once we were doing business with them and needed an issue or concern addressed immediately.   

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