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PRODUCT REVIEW: Yarde metals, a Raw Materials supplier

Posted by Scott Baxter on Mar 26, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Product Type:  Raw Materials Distributor (Metals)

Manufacturer: Yarde Metals

Model: N/A

Where to buy: Contact Yarde

Performance Rating: 4.5/5
Quality Rating: 5/5
User Friendly Rating: 5/5
Price Rating: 4/5

Overall Rating:  4.6/5 stars


PEKO intends to bring all aspects of manufacturing to light in our reviews.  Today we review a supplier that has performed for us time and again. 

Yarde Metals is a metals service center headquartered in Connecticut and services the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West and Southern United States from 17 locations..  The company claims "We don't just take orders; we develop partnerships with our customers," and after over a dozen years working together, we agree! 

As a Contract Manufacturer of machinery, equipment and mechanical assemblies, PEKO has a vast knowledge of raw materials.  One of the nuanced portions of our business is ordering and receiving millions of pounds of metals every year.  This review summarizes our experience with a great company, Yarde Metals, from which we have had the pleasure of buying raw materials over many years.

How did PEKO come about using this product?

Industry - CNC Machining - AluminumMany years ago, the purchasing department was having trouble finding specific material sizes and specifications needed for some demanding customers.  Stainless steel and aluminum are produced in dozens of specifications and practically unlimited sizes.  PEKO needed a distributor that had a selection beyond our local metals suppliers, competitive pricing and experience with similar industries.  A google search led us to Yarde Metals–a strong regional brand with local offices.  The rest is history. 

What are some benefits we have seen?

  • Very responsive
  • High quality product  (low or no rejects)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Local rep 
  • Quick turnaround for delivery
  • Fast quote responsiveness 
  • Resolves issues
  • Next day service for standard orders

What are some shortfalls?Industry - CNC Machining - Metal Large Parts

  • No "instant" web based quoting tool available 
  • Processed materials go into a production schedule, therefore not guaranteed "next day"

Price vs value

Our purchasing team considers Yarde Metals a very high value supplier for the price.  Their pricing is competitive within the industry, yet we still get the service, delivery and quality we expect.  In the cut throat industry of materials suppliers, this is a very good combination.  


How WELL DOES IT WORK and how IS the usability?

As advertised!  Yarde advertises that it is committed to "establishing and evaluating quality objectives,  satisfying customers, suppliers and continually improving the company's quality policies and strategy."  These values are important to us and we are glad to say that Yarde Metals backs up their own claims.  From our standpoint, Yarde meets our expectation across all categories.  The team at Yarde is very responsive, quick, and the service is great. 

In terms of user friendliness, we love working with our reps.  The quoting process is however, very manual (we have to call or email RFQs).  There is an online quotation ability, but it is not an instant quote. This can be a little cumbersome versus some other suppliers that use a web based catalog or quotation system.  In the future, we hope Yarde will close this gap.

What were some alternatives we could have pursued?

In this industry, raw materials distributors come in as many shapes and sizes as the metals they sell.  Small local distributors don't always have the richest selection, and may suffer high pricing due to small volume contracts.  The major national players don't have as good pricing due to high operating costs, and service or problem resolution may suffer as well if you aren't spending big.


The short answer is YES, we would absolutely recommend Yarde Metals as a contender for various raw materials purchases.  PEKO has an enormous raw materials spend and we are glad to have Yarde as a major component therein.  The service, support and quality of this company is among our best suppliers.  So if you're in the market for a metals supplier, don't hesitate to add Yarde Metals to your list of highly qualified candidates. 

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