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Sharing 50 years of precision machining experience with our new PreciSion Insights e-guides

Posted by Scott Baxter on Dec 2, 2016 9:09:00 AM


For over 50 years, PEKO has learned more than a few lessons about CNC Machining.  Being a premier CNC machine shop means taking advantage of all the successes and failures over the past half decade.

For our 50th birthday, PEKO has decided to create an an e-guide series to help those looking for a mechanical contract manufacturer.   These guides will help focus on the highlights of what to look for when choosing a partner.  Finding a good supplier can be a long and confusing journey.  WIth our guides, we will help purchasing and engineering personnel make the right decisions for their company.  Our guides highlight the must-ask questions when optimizing a machining supply base. 


Our first guide focuses on Precision Machining.  In this guide, we will cover such subjects as Quality Systems, Machine Capabilities and Traceability.  We focus on 8 major topics and give you the tools to investigate prospective suppliers during your search for a new precision machining partner.  

medical imaging gantry.jpg The tools are in this guide are the same tools that ensure PEKO and our customer were able to pair up to produce such a complex precision part (above).


Let us share the our 50 years of knowledge with you!  Download our Precision Insights E-guide for an in-depth tool that will help you identify and optimize your CNC Machining supply base.  

Download the E-Guide


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