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The PEKO Perspective: Fighting for the underdog

Posted by Scott Baxter on Apr 5, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Not even last week, we published a PEKO Perspective article that applauded Larry Fast on his contributions to his community via manufacturing education.   I hadn't planned on writing a similar article so soon, but when  I read Adrienne Selko's article "The Skills Gap is a Lie, Says Titan Gilroy", it was near and dear to my heart.  


The subject of the article, Titan Gilroy, runs Titans of CNC Academy, a physical and online academy that is a  "platform to engage a new generation of machinists, inventors and builders."  A concept we at PEKO can truly believe in, as we understand that manufacturing provides rich and rewarding careers, yet aren't that trendy for educators and students to pursue. 

“If you want to save this country, then you must fight for manufacturing,”  - Titan Gilroy

We couldn't agree more.  Manufacturing, much like farming or mining, is a process of taking something and adding value to it.  The article lays out Titan's ambitions to help young kids get great jobs by educating them and making America more competitive in this space, as well as providing jobs for at risk individuals.   

Of course, now that I've read this article, I'd love to learn more about the academy.  Maybe I'll stop by next month when we visit Santa Clara for an upcoming trade show.  

Hats off to Industry Week, Adrienne Selko and Titan Gilroy for helping move manufacturing forward with younger generations and at-risk individuals.

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