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How to get a Product Prototype Made

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Aug 12, 2019 10:30:00 AM

You have a great new technology.  Your breakthrough idea is ready to disrupt the market and your stakeholders are ready to see the sales roll in.  The only problem?  How are you going to put together enough piece parts to produce a functioning prototype? 

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Alteryx Inspire Conference 2019

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Jun 28, 2019 7:40:16 AM

In 2019, PEKO is taking an initiative to automate our data collection and analysis for our corporate metrics, process measures, and our ability to model our data for future business.  As part of this effort we have been delving into BI (Business Intelligence) software and a special piece of powerful software that allows us to map to all of our disparate data sources and combine, modify and model directly.  With a campus as large as ours, BI software will allow us to manage all of the equipment, machinery and processes that make up our organization. 

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New Product Introduction (NPI) and Its Critical Impact in Contract Manufacturing

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Feb 12, 2019 3:12:29 PM

Companies begin seeking assistance in manufacturing once they've developed a new machinery or equipment product line with the newest industry leading technology.  The machinery itself is usually beautiful, functional and these companies expect the market demand to soar.  Within a short period of time said companies expect sales to surpass dozens or hundreds of units to an eager customer base domestically and internationally, but there is just one major problem: How will these companies produce their "next big thing?"

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New Industry Expertise: Communications

Posted by Brianna Marchetti on Dec 13, 2018 1:10:39 PM

PEKO is proud to announce a new industry we've recently served on our website: The Communications Industry.  After proving to be an authority in the Communications Industry by executing the contract manufacturing for several projects within the industry, new details can be found on our website.  Whether it's 5G, RF, Radar, Satellite or IoT, our experience with innovative technologies can bolster any OEM looking to commercialize products in the Communications market. 

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Device Prototype… Do you have a 3D printer?

Posted by Todd Scheske on Dec 9, 2014 11:26:24 AM

So you have developed a technology that you believe can be a viable electro-mechanical device but you only have a lab or bench top concept right now. You will need to present your idea and get investors interested so you can start some fund raising rounds to go forward. Nothing speaks to people like being able to hold something in their hand.

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You have the technology

Posted by Todd Scheske on Nov 24, 2014 12:38:00 PM

So you have developed new technology or processes, so what are your next steps?

Of course funding is fundamentally important, but for physical device imagesCABLRYAXtechnology development, your business plan should in parallel consider developing a manufacturable design and prototype while also protecting your intellectual property.

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